Simple Mode

Tokamak Network Swap Simple Mode can be used to swap or wrap tokens in the Tokamak Network Ecosystem.

01. Connect wallet

You can connect your Metamask wallet.

02. Select the token that you would like to swap or wrap

We currently do not support ETH <=> WETH wrapping. To wrap between ETH and WETH, please use WETH contract directly or Uniswap interface.
You can swap TON with other tokens directly from Tokamak Network Swap V2.0, but this feature is not supported on Uniswap or any other automated market makers. If you want to swap TON not on Tokamak Network Swap, please wrap your TON to WTON on Tokamak Network Swap first.
Select the token you would like to swap with. Tokens within Tokamak network ecosystem including Ethereum can be selected.
  • Ethereum : ETH, WETH
  • Tokamak Network token : TON, WTON
  • TONStarter token: TOS
  • TONStarter project tokens : DOC, AURA, LYDA

03. Swap setting

Token swaps work using the Uniswap contract, where pairs of tokens are swapped.
  • Uniswap contract is an automated market maker, the swap price is determined using constant product market maker formula. The actual swap price may be different than the displayed value, depending on who else is interacting with the contract. This price difference is called slippage.
  • Depending on how you set the input value, the output value is determined using the slippage setting, and vice versa if you set the output value.
Setting the input value (see the image below)
  • Input is set as 123 DOC tokens.
  • Based on the input, 22.05 AURA tokens are the expected output.
After pressing Approve button, it shows the wallet signing page
  • After approve the transaction is confirmed, you can use the swap function.

04. (Advanced) Manually setting the slippage setting

If you want to control the slippage setting manually, you can press the conversion button and change the slippage setting. Then it will recalculate based on the slippage.
  • The image below shows the expected output and the minimum received after slippage.