Advanced Mode

Tokamak Network Swap Advanced Mode can be used to swap between any 2 UniswapV3 tokens
Tokamak Swap Advanced Mode allows users with extensive knowledge about UniswapV3 pools to swap between any 2 ERC20 tokens in UniswapV3 by choosing custom swap paths and pool fees.
Since Advanced Mode can allow high slippage trades that may result in loss of funds, it is advised to use this service only if the user is aware of the methods and risks.
The user is expected to have the knowledge to map a swap path if a pool for the desired token pair does not exist on UniswapV3. Up to 10 pool pairs can be selected in the Advanced Mode.

01. Access Advanced Mode

To access Advanced Mode, switch the Advanced mode switch in the settings component to On position.
Then click on the Start Advanced Mode button on the pop-up.
After accessing the Advanced Mode, you can always go back to the Simple Mode anytime by switching off the Advanced Mode switch on the top of the layout.

02. Swapping Tokens

Select the input token that needs to be swapped from the 1st Select a token dropdown menu. If the token is not available in the list, input the token address in the input area and click the Import button.
Click on Import button on the resulting pop-up as well.
Next, insert the amount of token that needs to be swapped (Advanced Mode supports ExactInput functionality only).
After entering the amount choose the 2nd token of the Uniswap pair and the pool fee of the relevant pool. Default pool fee of 0.3% is automatically selected.
If a pool with the chosen pool fee does not exist on Uniswap, an error message will appear and the user should change the pool fee or choose a different token.
After choosing a valid pool, click the Add another swap button to add a new swap/pool. The 1st token of the new pool will be automatically selected based on the previous pool.
Select the 2nd token and the pool fee of the next swap.
  • Keep adding new pools until the desired output token is achieved.
  • If the input token is not approved to be used by Tokamak Network Swap service, the Approve button will be activated and the Swap button will be deactivated. Click on this button to approve the use of the tokens. This action will approve the entire token supply of the given token. Click on the Confirm button of the Metamask pop-up to confirm the transaction.
After approving, the button will be activated. Click on this button to view a summary of the Swap path and the expected output.
Click on the Confirm Swap button to perform the swap function. This will trigger the Metamask pop-up to show. Click on the Confirm button on the Metamask pop-up as usual.

03. Deleting token pairs and

To delete a selected token pair (swap), click on the Delete Icon on the swap component. This will delete the token pair, and the following token pair will be updated accordingly.
By clicking on the Expand Icon, the pool component can be expanded or contracted.

04. Manually setting the slippage setting

A custom slippage tolerance percentage can be added by expanding the Settings component.
Under Transaction setting, insert the desired slippage tolerance percentage. The default percentage is set to 1%.