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What is Tokamak Network?

Tokamak Network is a protocol platform for building and connecting layer 2 networks
Tokamak Network is on-demand Etherium Layer 2 platform equipped with 4 innovative merits.

01. Easy Layer 2 Network Deployment

  • Build customizable layer 2 networks with Tokamak Network. Achieve more growth with easy development through Tokamak Network.

02. Layer 2 Interoperability

  • Your custom layer 2 network can be connected to any other layer 2 in Tokamak Network. The Cross-Layer Message Protocol supports network communication without going through base layer.

03. Higher Security

  • Staking TON provides a higher level of security for your layer 2 network. Tokamak Network ensures that all layer 2 networks are fully verified from day one.

04. Decentralized Governance

  • Tokamak Network is governed by TON stakeholders. Decentralized governance allows network upgrades, ecosystem expansion, and protocol improvement to be coordinated and enacted autonomously.